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"When it comes to fine entertaining, the details make all the difference. Add some spice to your next gathering with an exotic wood pepper mill."

Handcrafted from only the most premium materials, our pepper mills aren’t just functional necessities—they’re works of art...

If you love fresh ground pepper, appreciate beautiful things, and are serious about food and cooking, you’ll be nothing short of thrilled with these handmade pepper grinders. The sharp, pungent flavor and aroma of freshly ground peppercorns is far superior to pepper from an ordinary shaker, and there's no more pleasurable way to grind it than with a finely-crafted wood pepper mill.

Browse our eclectic selection, hand-picked from all corners of the world.

We invite you to view our gallery of artistic pepper mills, skillfully crafted by expert artisan Rudy Paredes. Explore a rich variety of colors, patterns, and textures to find the perfect accent to complement your kitchen or dining space.

From Celebrity Kitchens To Your Countertop.
(Inspired by the exclusive designs of Pinky Martin)

Our multi-colored wood pepper grinders are inspired by the limited-quantity pepper mills made by Pinky Martin, which have been featured on Sara Moulton's popular cooking shows and the world-famous Oprah Winfrey Show. Pinky’s highly coveted designs resulted in an upsurge of demand for handcrafted wooden pepper grinders. In addition to serving as an aesthetic enhancement, they also make treasured gifts and collectibles.

There’s no wooden pepper mill quite like yours.

Each Exotic Woods Pepper Mill is truly one-of-a-kind, made from the finest woods harvested in a sustainable manner from all corners of the world. Each pepper grinder boasts striking combinations of colors and grain patterns. Although the designs may look similar at a glance, no two are exactly alike. We're sure you'll find a design that suits your individual taste. Enhance your kitchen decor, add a distinctive touch to your dining table, or present a truly unique gift to a fellow cooking enthusiast with a hand-picked selection from our gallery of Exotic Wood Pepper Mills. Each arrives with a certificate of authenticity to assure you of its all-natural materials and careful craftsmanship.


Each arrives with a certificate of authenticity to assure you of its all-natural materials and careful craftsmanship.


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